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We have a fully stocked cafe with a huge selection of reasonably priced food and drink available for takeaway or sit-in.


Cold Drinks

Cans: 90p

Water (still/sparkling): 90p

Bottles of Fruit Juice: £1.20p

Energy Drinks: £1.40p

Milkshakes/Floats: £2.20

Hot Drinks

Americano: £1.60p

Latte: £1.80p

Cappuccino: £1.80p

Mocha: £2.00p

Espresso: £1.60p

Flat White: £2.00p

Hot Chocolate: £2.00p

Sandwiches (All with one filling, 40p for each extra filling)

Toasties: £1.80p

Panini: £2.00p

Baguettes: £2.00p

Morning Rolls: £1.80p

Bagel (comes with Cream Cheese): £1.80p

Other Hot Foods

Specials (changing all the time): £4.50p

Soup (2 choices every day): £2.50p

Chips: Coming Soon!

Snacks & Sweet Things

Special Home Made Cake (changes all the time): £1.50

Other Cake Slices: £1.20

Crisps: £1.00

Chocolate Bars: 70p